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"l quit my job at the donut factory? — I was fed up with the hole business."

"I opened a gym but then it had to close down? – It just didn’t work out."

"My ceiling isn’t the best… But it’s up there!!!"

The Standwell Long Pattern Spade

Introducing a new offer for members the Standwell Long Pattern Spade.

Every gardener knows how tough it is to dig over the allotment or vegetable patch. Dig from an upright position with the Standwell Long Pattern Spade, increase productivity, minimise bending and reduce the likelihood of back pain. The spade draws on traditional elements to create a simple but effective ergonomic tool. Complete more work in a session and avoid strain. The lightweight stainless steel blade and shaped wooden handle combine perfectly to create excellent balance and make this tool a delight to use. The spade is nearly 1.9 m tall overall, with a long ash handle and short blade.

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The Standwell Long Pattern Spade

Wire Fence

Introducing a new offer for members Wire Fence as the name suggests is a company that provides a wide range of fencing but also items for the allotmenteer. These include horticultural fleece and netting for fruit trees and cabbages, fleece for carrots, and many more items you can find on this website. At the top of the page select All categories and choose from the drop down list what you require.

We have organised a 10% discount for members of the Association just use the discount code called 'burleyallot10'. It can be validated by adding it into the 'coupon' section on the left hand side of the checkout page. The coupon code can be used on any product purchased from the Wire Fence pages.

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Wire Fence

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