Here you will find documents relating to Burley Model Allotments Association. Given there are a large number of documents they are usually archived annually. But do not worry good people, all is not lost and at any time, should you so wish, we can bring back documents for your perusal. So should anyone wish to see a document that has been archived get in touch with us by using the Contact Us. page

Or you can email us directly, send your request to view a document so we can add them back to the library for you.

There are a number of sub sections starting with the:-

A.G.M. -

Here is where all the documents relating to the last Annual General Meeting are held these include the Agenda and minutes of the meeting.

Annual Show –

This includes hints and tips on how to Show as well as the current Show Schedule.

Committee Meetings –

All of the committee meetings for the calendar year are stored here.

Newsletters –

The newsletters are stored in this section

Forms –

Here are standard forms to apply to the association from L.C.C. and the Association’s own forms.


These are documents relating to Leeds City Council and the Leeds Allotment Federation.

Maps and Leaflets –

Is exactly what it says, all maps and leaflets relating to the site.

Miscellaneous –

This is where you will find all the assorted bits and pieces that you would expect in this category, or would you? As well as all the insurance certificates for the site.

Policy –

In this section you will find the Rules, Constitution and Policy documents of the Association.

Should you wish to see or access any archived documents please contact the webmaster using the form on the Contact Us Page.



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BMAA AGM Minutes 29th October 2022 03/10/2023 pdf
BMAA AGM Agenda October 29th 2022 12/09/2022 pdf
BMAA AGM Minutes October 23th 2021 08/12/2021 pdf
BMAA AGM Minutes October 24th 2020 07/12/2020 pdf
BMAA AGM Agenda October 24th 2020 19/10/2020 pdf
Annual Show
BMAA General Hints and Tips For Showing 08/07/2015 pdf
BMAA Tips for Showing Flowers 08/07/2015 pdf
BMAA Tips for Showing Fruit 08/07/2015 pdf
BMAA Tips for Showing Vegetables 08/07/2015 pdf
Plot Judging Criteria 25/11/2011 pdf
Committee Meetings
BMAA Minutes August 2023 20/08/2023 pdf
BMAA Minutes June 2023 21/06/2023 pdf
BMAA Minutes May 2023 25/05/2023 pdf
BMAA Minutes April 2023 24/04/2023 pdf
BMAA Minutes March 2023 20/03/2023 pdf
BMAA Minutes February 2023 23/02/2023 pdf
BMAA Minutes December 2022 17/12/2022 pdf
BMAA Minutes November 2022 12/11/2022 pdf
BMAA Minutes October 2022 Extra 29/10/2022 pdf
BMAA Minutes October 2022 24/10/2022 pdf

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